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Telegraph Pole ‘ Outhere ’

Label: Fluid Records, Australia & MGM Distribution  

Outhere’ by Telegraph Pole was recorded in a bush valley outside of Sydney, Australia.

This is one of the last remaining areas of pristine bushland in the region and is home to many rare species of native flora and fauna.

Alexander Nettelbeck- Keyboards, Jeff Doring- Muted Piano/Percussion/Sound recordist

Rick Tailby-Basses, Greg  Tailby- Drums, Nick Hartley, Sitar, Tom Sega, Alto Saxophone

The musicians set up in and around a long studio/shack. The days were long and hot, the peak of Australian summer

Field microphones were placed hundreds of metres from the site to capture the resonance of the surrounding environment. Over four days and nights many unexpected interactions occurred.

At the hit from the drums the cicada and crickets rose and fell in time, as the piano was played birds echoed in chorus...

This CD combines overdubbing and looping techniques using the AKAI DR 8 in real-time.


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